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Learning and Development

We provide professional and realistic-looking training videos in any language.

Corporate Communications

We turn boring PowerPoints into engaging videos. Create high-quality videos for employee onboarding, meetings, and updates.

Explainer Videos

We create videos that are short, effective and engaging. We have all the tools for making your video a success.

Custom Avatars

We can create Custom Avatars

You can make a custom avatar of yourself or one of your team members. Be sure to get explicit consent from the person first.

Add-on Price: $1,000 


Fast to record with green screen (10 minutes)


Suitable for high-end content


Optionally use your own voice (add-on via Descript Overdub)

See a case study with custom avatars

Cyber Inc. creates learning videos in 6 languages using their customer AI video avatar.


Unique brand style with custom avatar


Videos can be done in minutes


Quick internationalization

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Here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

What is a custom avatar?

AI Labs custom avatar is digital, but a photo-realistic representation of a human. These digital avatars are used in business videos and we can create them out of photos or in the video itself.


How long does it take to make a custom avatar?
It currently takes about 10-15 minutes of video recording in front of a green screen. After you’ve submitted the footage to our team and paid for the custom avatar, we will then create your avatar
Can we use existing videos or images to create a custom avatar?

No. To create a custom avatar, you need to make a special video recording 


Isn’t this technology dangerous? Can I make an avatar of everyone?

No, you can’t create a custom avatar of someone. Creating a new custom avatar requires explicit consent from the person to be made the avatar and our team manually checks and processes all custom avatar video footage. Moreover, existing images or video footage can’t be used for creating custom avatars – our custom avatar creation requires about 10-15 minutes of dedicated video recording (as described above).

This means that it is impossible to impersonate a celebrity or a politician. You can read more about our ethics policy here.

Do you have some examples of custom avatars?
Most custom avatars are used for internal purposes by our business customers, but you can see a case study with a company that uses their custom avatar for training videos here.
Will the custom avatar have my voice?
No, our custom avatars are purely visual and can be used with our broad selection of synthetic voices.