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Learning and Development

We provide professional and realistic-looking training videos in any language.

Corporate Communications

We turn boring PowerPoints into engaging videos. Create high-quality videos for employee onboarding, meetings, and updates.

Explainer Videos

We create videos that are short, effective and engaging. We have all the tools for making your video a success.

Our Video Production Process

Creating an AI video is a dynamic process that blends technology and storytelling. From planning and scripting to animating scenes with AI, the four key phases include Pre-Production, Production, Post-Production, and Distribution & Promotion. This guide helps navigate the AI video creation process from concept to a polished, shareable masterpiece.


AI Production


Video Distribution

Planning and Preparation

a. Define Objectives: Clearly outline the purpose and goals of your animated video. Understand the message you want to convey and your target audience.

b. Scriptwriting: Develop a script that outlines the storyline, characters, and key scenes. This serves as the foundation for your animated video.

c. Storyboarding: Create a visual representation of each scene, helping you plan the sequence of events and visual elements.

d. Character Design and Asset Creation: Develop or commission designs for characters, backgrounds, and any other visual elements. Create assets that will be animated during the production.

e. Voiceover Recording: If your animated video includes voiceovers, record the dialogues with appropriate actors.

Animation and Scene Creation

a. Setting Up Animation Software: Choose and set up the animation software that suits your project. Familiarize yourself with its features and capabilities.

b. Animate Scenes: Bring your storyboard to life by animating characters and visual elements according to the script.

c. Sound Design: Add background music, and sound effects, and synchronize them with the animated scenes to enhance the overall experience.

d. Review and Refinement: Continuously review and refine the animated sequences. Adjust timing, transitions, and visual elements as needed

Editing and Refinement

a. Editing Animation Sequences: Use your animation software to edit and fine-tune the sequences. Ensure smooth transitions and consistency in the visual style.

b. Feedback and Revisions: Share the draft with stakeholders for feedback. Incorporate any necessary revisions, focusing on the animation quality and narrative coherence.

c. Final Rendering: Render the final version of the animated video in the desired format and resolution.

Finalizing and Sharing

a. Export and Format: Export the final animated video in the appropriate format and resolution for its intended platform (e.g., YouTube, social media, website).

b. Promotion Plan: Develop a plan for promoting the animated video, including social media posts, email newsletters, or any other relevant channels.

c. Gather Analytics: Monitor the video’s performance using analytics tools to understand its impact and audience engagement.

d. Final Archive: Store the final animated video and all related project files for future reference or potential re-edits.

Our Pricing

Start a project.

What type of video am I looking for?

Unlock the potential of AI Labs’ video services for your business – our optimal video lengths, typically 1 to 3 minutes, guarantee captivating and easily digestible content tailored to enhance audience engagement and meet your unique marketing goals.

Training and Onboarding:

     ✅ Onboarding Videos: Comprehensive introduction without being overwhelming. (2-5 minutes)

    How-to Videos: Sufficient time to explain steps thoroughly. (2-4 minutes)

    Training Videos: Allows for in-depth coverage of training material. (5-15 minutes)

    Employee Training Videos: Balanced length for comprehensive training. (5-20 minutes)

    eLearning Videos: Time for in-depth learning without fatigue. (15-30 minutes)

    Corporate Training Videos: Efficiently conveys important training content. (5-15 minutes)

    Video Courses: Allows for comprehensive learning modules. (10-60 minutes)

    Demo Videos: Demonstrates product or process effectively. (3-5 minutes)

    FAQ Videos: Quick answers to common queries. (1-3 minutes)

    Educational Videos: Balanced time for effective learning. (5-15 minutes)

    Product Promotion:

      Product Videos: Engaging introduction to showcase key features quickly. (1-2 minutes)

      Product Tours: Detailed walkthrough without overwhelming the viewer. (2-3 minutes)

      Product Demo Videos: Sufficient time to demonstrate product functionality. (3-5 minutes)

      Launch Videos: Concise overview, generating interest without being lengthy. (1-3 minutes)

      Sizzle Videos: Quick and impactful to create excitement. (1-2 minutes)

      Brand Videos: Balanced time to tell a compelling brand story. (2-4 minutes)

      Testimonial Videos: Brief and impactful customer stories. (1-2 minutes)

      Company Culture Videos: Captures essence without losing audience interest. (1-3 minutes)

      Product Highlight Videos: Quickly showcases key product aspects. (1-2 minutes)

      Advertising and Promotion:


      Video Ads: Quick and impactful messages to capture attention. (30 seconds)

      Social Video Ads: Engaging content that fits social media attention spans. (15-60 seconds)

      TikTok Videos: Short, attention-grabbing content for the TikTok audience. (15-60 seconds)

      Short-form Videos: Concise, compelling content for shorter attention spans. (15-60 seconds)

      UGC Videos: Quick user-generated content for authenticity. (15-60 seconds)

      Social Media Videos: Snappy, shareable content for diverse platforms. (15-60 seconds)

      Contact our video team

      Need more details about our live-action or animated video production process? Our team is ready to assist, offering insights into planning, the overall process, and your upcoming project.

      What do you get with AI Labs

      Infinite creative projects

      Queue up and submit as many video and design projects on our platform

      Point & Click revisions

      Add time-coded notes and respond to comments right inside the video/design

      Brand assets

      Upload all brand assets to our cloud storage & manage creatives in one place

      10-12 Day turnaround

      Uncompromising speed. Get your simple VIDEO tasks done in a swift 10 - 12 days.

      Creative services

      One-stop shop for all your content needs. Creation to repurposing content.

      Vetted talent

      We handpick elite design talent, so that you only work with the best of the best.

      Team collaboration

      Invite your team to work with our crew on campaigns, or product launches.

      Same-day response

      Quick edits? We’ve got you. Speedy responses to your questions.