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In this course, you’ll learn about anti-bullying and how to create a safe and inclusive workplace. We’ll cover different forms of bullying, its effects, and ways to prevent it through bystander intervention, empathy, and effective communication.

Defining Anti-Bullying

In this anti-bullying lesson, understand bullying in all its forms – verbal, physical, and cyber. See the harmful effects it has on the workplace and employees. See the gravity of the issue through real-life cases where corporations have faced legal consequences for failing to address bullying in the workplace.

Key Concepts of Anti-Bullying

In this lesson, learn to prevent & address bullying in the workplace with key concepts. Bystanders can intervene, empathy is crucial, clear communication prevents conflicts & finds solutions, and leaders create a safe environment with an anti-bullying policy & action. Apply these concepts for a safe workplace for all employees.

Applying the Knowledge on the Job

In this lesson, discover the crucial role you play in preventing workplace bullying. Learn about bystander intervention and supporting victims. Understand the importance of empathy and communication when addressing bullying behavior. Create a culture of respect & inclusion by promoting anti-bullying policies.


Recap and Next Steps

In this final session, we will recap the key points from our Anti-Bullying Course. Learn about the various forms of bullying and their impact, bystander intervention, empathy, and leadership for a positive work environment. We will also discuss action steps to prevent bullying, such as implementing policies and reporting incidents.