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Pulsenmore App

Polsimore is a technology that enables healthcare professionals to provide remote clinical assessment of ultrasound scans. Patients self-scan using their own smartphone with a novel ultrasound cradle. By enabling care services beyond traditional facilities, They deliver value for providers, patients, and payers.

How we Completed

Because they had a limited budget, we created a video that outlines a step-by-step process of what they will be learning and the tools they will need during the course. we also created a knowledge base quiz at the end of every part learned.

The Mission

This course is for a clinical study we will be running in the USA. The audience is pregnant women across the country. The device we are studying is an innovative ultrasound for pregnancy monitoring, to be used by the patient at her home. We are training the patients on how to use the device for the first time when they join the study. It is critical they understand the device (technical details) and how to use it. Key points to repeat: move the device slowly, use ample amounts of gel, and apply pressure at all times. The script is attached (WORD file) as well as the User Guide (PDF), which can be used for icons, other photos, etc.

Final Results

We gave them a 40-part video on how to set up the app, the basic functions, and a quiz during the video on App setup procedures. the results were they saved on the production cost of a normal video tutorial by not using paid actors. 

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